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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses for many patients can open up a whole new visual world. Not only can patients see clearer with contact lenses but it also gives them more confidence in themselves.

Contact Lenses can be worn by all age groups and are available to most prescriptions, long sighted, short sighted and those with astigmatism. Even bifocal and multifocal contact lenses can be supplied and there are contact lenses to enhance or change your eye colour.

You can opt to wear contact lenses just for leisure and sport, or all day every day (although we would recommend you remove the lenses for an hour or two before bed and to have a current pair of spectacles to hand for those occasional days off). Contact lenses should not be worn when you are ill.

Modern Lenses are either durable or disposable. Durable lenses are worn during the day for several months and disposed of only when worn out. The most popular durable lens is the rigid gas permeable lens.

Most soft contact are disposable, programmed to be replaced at regular intervals (monthly, fortnightly or daily).