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Optivision Opticians Ltd accepts corporate eye examination vouchers.

Employers' Responsibilities  


Employers whose staff use VDU’s (Visual Display Units) have a responsibility to publicise The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 to their staff, as well as provide:  

Corporate Eyecare and Eyewear.

Corporate Eye Examinations

  • Employers must provide eye tests, carried out by a qualified optician, when they are requested by employees who use VDUs.

  • Staff are at liberty to claim these eye tests at any time if they have experienced headaches or feel their eyes have been strained or damaged as a result of working at a VDU.

  • It is the employer’s right to appoint a specific optician to carry out the tests.

  • Eye tests must include a full examination of the eye health, not just ability to see.

  • If ailments are discovered, the employee is referred to an NHS practitioner for further help.

  • For new staff, eyes must be tested before work commences.

  • After the initial consultation, the frequency of the eye exams is at the optometrist’s discretion.

  • Companies are required to pay for single vision spectacles to view a screen at the appropriate distance.

Accepted Vouchers

  • Eyecare Vouchers now supplied by Edenred.