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Whether you wear spectacles or not, a regular eye examination is an essential part of modern preventive health care. We will ensure your visit is pleasant and we are committed to giving you an unsurpassed level of care and attention.

There is more to an eye examination than finding out if you need spectacles or contact lenses. As everyone's eyesight is different, we tailor the eye examination to your individual circumstances. A range of tests may be carried out to assess the health of your eyes and to gain a professional evaluation of your visual requirements.

Personalised eye assessment

•   Spectacle Assessment

•   Visual Acuity

•   Retinoscopy

•   Refraction

•   Oculomotor Balance

•   Pupil Reflexes

•   External Eye Examination

•   Ophthalmoscopy

•   Intraocular Pressure

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Included in your eye examination:

To be able us to give you the best advice, it is important for us to know as much as we can about you and your eyes. At your eye exam, we will take a full history of your visual and overall health and symptoms.

Your vision history matters

Comprehensive eye examinations

Lady with yellow framed glasses on stood infront of a Snellen chart