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Myopia or shortsightedness in a child, is progressive in most cases. This means that the unaided vision continues to get worse and the spectacle prescription gets stronger. This continues between the age at which is diagnosed and approximately twenty.

This is a rapidly developing field led by contact lens clinicians. Until recently, there have been two successful myopia treatments – Overnight Vision Correction contact lenses (Very costly and unsure of long term effects) and Multi-focal soft contact lenses. (Unlicenced).


Now there is a new, ground-breaking soft contact lens - MiSight® 1 day - launched in March 2017 which is scientifically proven to slow myopia progression in children.


We are proud to have been selected amongst just a few optometrists in the UK (and the only practice in the Leicestershire) to offer this revolutionary contact lens.

Myopia Control

Myopia control in children


New MiSight 1 Day daily disposble contact lenses

This revolutionary new, contact lens launched in the UK in March 2017, is specifically designed to manage myopia progression and is scientifically proven to slow myopia progression by up to 59% over two years. As a soft, daily disposable lens it is comfortable to wear and suitable for children from six years and up. The contact lens must me worn a minimum of 10 hours per day and 6 days a week.

What to do next

If you wish for you child to be fitted with MiSight 1 Day please call any of our practices to book your child an appointment. Our optometrist will then fit the contact lenses and explain to you and your child all that is necessary to know about the use and handling of these lenses.

More information

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