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The front part of the eye (The Cornea) is examined under high magnification to make sure that there are no abnormalities which contraindicate contact lens wear.








Many accurate corneal measurements  have to be taken to ensure the correct contact lens is chosen for initial fitting.

Many questions are asked here to clarify why the patient wants contact lenses and how often they are going to be worn. This is to verify which type of contact lens is likely to be most suitable.

The appropriate trial contact lens is inserted on to the eye and allowed to settle for around 15 minutes. The lenses even at this stage are very comfortable as most modern contact lenses are smooth and hydrated.

Once the lenses have settled they are used to discern what contact lens shape, size, power and material will be most suitable.

This appointment lasts approximately one hour. At the time of the teach we show patients how to put contact lenses on to their eye and how to remove them. Patients are shown how to use the appropriate solutions to look after their contact lenses, where applicable. The patient is instructed on how to build up their contact lens wearing time and a maximum wearing time is given as this varies from patient to patient.


If at this stage the patient can demonstrate to us that they understand and are able to do all of the above, the lenses are given to them.


If the patient is unable to carry out the above, then they are rebooked for a second teach appointment to try again.

To ensure safe contact lens wear we must see all contact lens patients at regular intervals for which reminders are sent at the correct time.


When the above has been completed the correct contact lenses are then ordered and a contact lens teach appointment is made.