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Optivision Opticians Ltd is one of the few opticians in Leicestershire to have visioffice in it's practice.

The Visioffice System is an all-encompassing measuring system that allows our Opticians to obtain every possible parameter required for Modern High-Definition Lenses - with extreme accuracy.

It can analyse your visual behaviour. For example whether you move your eyes or turn your head when viewing objects, or whether you tilt your head to one side. It also encompasses a unique measurement called Eyecode. Eyecode is a stunning breakthrough which includes a precise dynamic 3D eye measurement. This pioneering new technology enables us - for the first time ever - to pinpoint the exact centre of rotation of your eye. With this vital new measurement - the eyecode - we can produce a personalised, HD ready lens that is 5 times more optically precise, producing better vision in lower light levels e.g. driving at dusk or night time.

The Visioffice is also the best system for demonstrating the benefits of the range Varilux lenses (Varifocal), including reflection and glare free lenses, comparison of thinner lenses, polarised lenses, in fact any optical product. You can actually see the benefits of the products with your individual prescription and desired lens before committing to spend your money on it.

We can also use the Visioffice to produce high-quality photographs and video to show you how you good you will look in your new frame.

Visioffice saves you time too. All you have to do is to stand in front of it, wearing the frame you have selected, and it will take all the dispensing measurements we need, in seconds. It's the most accurate and technically-sophisticated measuring system available.

Dispensing High Quality Lenses

Essilors Visioffice at Wigston